animated cartoon Tom Sawyer © MCA Records / Stone Canyon Entertainment
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Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer enjoys the simple things in life, fishing, playing hooky and daydreaming about being a famous adventurer. His best friend is Huck Finn, the town loafer; together they hope to find the treasure of the infamous pirate Red Beard, hidden somewhere along the Mississippi. Meantime, Tom has fallen for the new girl in school Becky Thatcher, much to the dismay of her father and Amy Lawrence. Later, under the light of the full moon, Tom and Huck head into the graveyard seeking treasure. Instead they witness the fearsome Injurin’ Joe murder Deputy Bean and frame the none too bright Mutt Potter; they are the only witnesses and thus the only ones who can save Mutt from the gallows, but the two are fearful of what Joe could do to them if he found out what they saw.

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There's something about this movie that just reminds me of Disney. It's probably the all-animal cast a la Disney's animated classic, "Robin Hood" and "The Lion King". But to be...
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I was shocked and surprised by the negative reviews I had read on the web, since I love this film. This film is based on the classic...
Created by: MCA Records, Stone Canyon Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Rhett Akins ... Tom Sawyer
Mark Wills ... Huckleberry 'Huck' Finn
Hynden Walch ... Becky Thatcher
Lee Ann Womack ... Becky Thatcher (Singing)
Clea Lewis ... Amy Lawrence
Alecia Elliott ... Amy Lawrence (Singing)
Betty White ... Aunt Polly
Dean Haglund ... Sid
Richard Kind ... Mr. Dobbins
Hank Williams Jr. ... Injurin' Joe
Kevin Michael Richardson ... Injurin’ Joe
Don Knotts ... Mutt Potter
Waylon Jennings ... Judge Thatcher
Dee Bradley Baker ... Rebel
Directed by: Paul Sabella and Phil Mendez
Produced by: Jonathan Dern and Paul Sabella
Executive Producers: Paul Guez and Ibrahim Moussa
Musical Score by: Mark Watters
Writing Credits: Patricia Jones and Donald Reiker
Based on: The novel by Mark Twain.
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