animated cartoon To Duck... or Not to Duck © Warner Bros. / Leon Schlesinger Studios
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To Duck... or Not to Duck

Daffy is shot by Elmer and after he apologises and states to the duck that he is a Great Sportsmanís, Daffy indignantly notes that Elmerís sport is one-sided and lacks any fair play. The duck procedes to challenge Elmer to a fair fight; namely a bout of boxing that quickly proves to be anything but fair.

Created by: Warner Bros., Leon Schlesinger Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Mel Blanc ... Daffy Duck, Referee, Laramore
Arthur Q. Bryan ... Elmer Fudd
Directed by: Chuck Jones
Produced by: Leon Schlesinger
Musical Score by: Carl W. Stalling
Writing Credits: Tedd Pierce
Animated by: Ken Harris and Robert Cannon
profile by: starlac