animated series The Wuzzles © Disney
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The Wuzzles

Bumblelion and his friends live in the land of Wuz, where every single thing is a combination of two in one. These hybrids have fun and adventures in their little world, while foiling the bad deeds of Croc and his two hapless assistants.

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Disney’s first stab at entering the TV animation domain was a nice off-the-wall series based on some toys from Hasbro. And it could have gone on for a bit longer...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Brian Cummings ... Bumblelion, Flizzard
Stan Freberg ... Narrator
Henry Gibson ... Eleroo
Kathleen Helppie-Shipley ... Butterbear
Alan Oppenheimer ... Rhinokey, Croc, Mr. Pack-cat
Bill Scott ... Moosel, Brat, Tycoon
Jo Anne Worley ... Hopopotamus
Directed by: Carole Beers
Produced by: Fred Wolf
Musical Score by: Steve Rucker and Thomas Chase
Theme Music by: Stephen Geyer
Writing Credits: Mark Evanier

animated series The Wuzzles © DisneyWhen this show was originally aired on CBS it was put up against the "Gummi Bears" on NBC. Both shows debuted on the same day, September 14 and in the same timeslot. Over time, the Gummi Bears had a larger audience turnout than the Wuzzles and as a result the show was cancelled after just one series.

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