animated cartoon The Wise Little Hen © Disney
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The Wise Little Hen

The Wise Little Hen asks Peter Pig and Donald Duck if they would help her plant her corn, both feign belly aches to get out of working, leaving the hen and her chicks to do the work themselves. Later, when she asks them if they would help her harvest the corn, they continue their fallacy, but this time The Wise Little Hen sees through the deception and concocts a plan…

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A less than rudimental short that goes through its running without actually doing much of any importance, like say being actually entertaining. Indeed outside of it being the debut short...
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I had never knew that this Silly Symphony was Donald Duck's first theatrical appearance as well as for his voice-artist Clarence "Ducky" Nash too. And besides I...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Florence Gill ... The Wise Little Hen
Clarence Nash ... Donald Duck
Pinto Colvig ... Peter Pig
Directed by: Wilfred Jackson
Produced by: Walt Disney
Musical Score by: Leigh Harline
Based on: The folk tale " The Little Red Hen".

animated cartoon The Wise Little Hen © DisneyThis Silly Symphony marks Donald Duck’s first theatrical appearance as well as that of his voice-artist Clarence "Ducky" Nash, whom - the story goes - Disney had heard performing the voice on radio.

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