animated series The Venture Brothers © Cartoon Network / Noodlesoup Productions / World Leaders Entertainment
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The Venture Brothers

Dr. Rusty Venture was once a boy genius, but now seems to have settled into the role of washed up, middle-aged mad scientist. With his manic bodyguard and pair of not-so-swift teenage sons, he spends much of his time trying to make money off his inventions and dealing with the plots of self-proclaimed super-villain, The Monarch.

Created by: Cartoon Network, Noodlesoup Productions, World Leaders Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
James Urbaniak ... Dr. Venture
Christopher McCulloch ... Hank Venture, The Monarch
Michael Sinterniklaas ... Dean Venture
Patrick Warburton ... Brock Samson
Doc Hammer ... Dr. Girlfriend / Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Directed by: Christopher McCulloch and Jon Schnepp
Produced by: Rachel Simon and David Lipson
Executive Producers: Keith Crofford, Michael Lazzo, Christopher McCulloch, Steven S.H. Yoon and Charlie Miller
Musical Score by: J.G. Thirlwell
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