animated movie The Trumpet of the Swan © Rich Animation
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The Trumpet of the Swan

Louie is a young Trumpeter Swan who was born without a voice. Unable to communicate, he can't express his love for Serena. His concerned father steals a trumpet and gives it to him. Befriending a human boy called Sam, Louie leaves home for a year, and tries to find work in the city, becoming a famous musician. He is determined to pay the music store owner for the trumpet, and win Serina's heart.

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rated it:
I went into this one expecting it to be an endurance test, but it's better than most of its reviews suggest. That wouldn't be hard, because most of them insist...
Created by: Rich Animation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jason Alexander ... Father
Dee Bradley Baker ... Louie
Reese Witherspoon ... Serena
Mary Steenburgen ... Mother
Seth Green ... Boyd
Carol Burnett ... Mrs. Hammerbotham
Joe Mantegna ... Monty
Sam Gifaldi ... Sam
Melissa Disney ... Billie
Jeffrey Schoeny ... Young Louie
Pamela Segall ... A.J. Skinner
Steve Vinovich ... Maurice, Ranger
David Jeremiah ... Squirrel, Falcon
Dana Daurey ... Apathy
Steve Franken ... Bud
Julie Nathanson ... Felicity
Gary Anthony Williams ... Sweets
E.G. Daily ... Ella
Directed by: Richard Rich and Terry L. Noss
Produced by: Paul J. Newman and Lin Oliver
Executive Producers: Seldon Young
Musical Score by: Marcus Miller
Songs by: Pamela Phillips Oland and Charley Harrison
Writing Credits: Judy Rothman Rofé
Based on: The novel by E.B. White
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