animated series The Tick © Fox / Sunbow Productions / Graz Entertainment / Akom Production Company
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The Tick

A powerful but dim would be superhero calling himself "The Tick" is sent to "The City" after he crashes and ruins a superhero convention. The Tick thinks that he's been given a great deal, but in reality the city is a dumping ground for useless, unwanted superheroes. Meeting Arthur, a ex-accountant who wants to be a sidekick (and even has the costume to boot), the Tick starts to defend his city when the villainous and muffled idea men threaten to flood The City; and in the process finds that he's not the only superhero in town.

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Another 1990s entry in the animated superhero genre. This show is not well animated at all, but it is funny. The Tick is essentially a superhero parody which makes use...
Created by: Fox, Sunbow Productions, Graz Entertainment, Akom Production Company
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Townsend Coleman ... The Tick
Micky Dolenz ... Arthur (1994)
Rob Paulsen ... Arthur (1995-), Caped Chameleon, Mucilage Man, Brainchild, The Terror, Forehead
Cam Clarke ... Die Fledermaus
Kay Lenz ... American Maid (1994-1997)
Jess Harnell ... Sewer Urchin
Tony Jay ... Chairface Chippendale
Series Created by: Ben Edlund
Directed by: Art Vitello and Henry Tucker
Produced by: Art Vitello, Henry Tucker and Dan Thompson
Executive Producers: Joe Bacal, Tom Griffin, Stephanie Graziano, C.J. Kettler and Carole Weitzman
Musical Score by: Doug Katsaros
Writing Credits: Henry Gilroy, Jed Spingarn, Ralph Soll, Randolph Heard, Richard Liebmann-Smith, Christopher McCulloch, Lee Shapiro and Andy Yerkes
Based on: Characters created by Ben Edlund.

According to, one of only three animated series never to have jumped the shark (the other two are The Critic and The Simpsons)

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