animated cartoon The Skeleton Dance © Disney
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The Skeleton Dance

In the dead of night, as the church bells toll midnight, in a spooky, haunted cemetery; a group of skeletons rise from their graves and dance around using each other as instruments until the new day dawns.

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The Skeleton Dance is an entertaining short by Disney. Like all of the Silly Symphonies, the animation is based around a piece of music. In this case, they has it...
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It is amazing! I love it! It is another great cartoon for Halloween, my favorite holiday. It will give you the creeps & the shivers; also a...
Created by: Disney
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Walt Disney
Produced by: Walt Disney
Musical Score by: Carl W. Stalling

The First of Disney's Silly Symphonies.

The origin of the Silly Symphonies lie in the hands of composer Carl W. Stallings; who would become better known as the main composer for Warner Bros. theatrical shorts. He suggested to Disney the use of a series of one-shot shorts that emphasized musical themes over individual characters and story. Although he was at first reluctant to the idea, Disney came to use the series as a mean of trying out new animation techniques; from three-strip Technicolor, the multiplane camera and even nearer realistic natural motion. As the series progressed so too did it help in furthering his artists’ skills and development.

When Walt Disney showed his distributor Pat Powers the film, he dismissed it, writing Disney a memo that said “More Mice.” Undeterred Disney released the film in Los Angeles; to a receptive audience at the Carthay Circle Theatre, and the series was allowed to go ahead.

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