animated movie The Road to El Dorado © Dreamworks
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The Road to El Dorado

Between Tulio's quick wit and Miguel's puppy-dog charm, these two inseperable con artists can scam their way into and out of just about anything. The pair find the ulimate con though when they acquire a map to Eldorado, the fabled City of Gold, where upon their arrival the natives mistake them for their Gods. However, finding the City of Gold is one thing--surviving the adventure there between the beautiful fellow con, Chel, and the blood-thirsty high priest, Tzekel Khan, is another matter entirely...

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The Road to El Dorado was one of the first movies produced by DreamWorks Animation, back when they still worked with traditional animation. The film tells the story of two...
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Back in the day (yeah I guess 1998 wasn't really that long ago) Dreamworks used to make a different kind of animated film. They busted into the scene with The...
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Ah, so many people loved this film...but it really didn't do a thing for me. An epic of bad songs as Frick and Frack make comical dialog with each other and...
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Horrible songs, boring story, good animation. Not worth 8 bucks. Maybe a decent rental if even that. James...
Created by: Dreamworks
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Kenneth Branagh ... Miguel
Kevin Kline ... Tulio
Rosie Perez ... Chel
Frank Welker ... Altivo
Armand Assante ... Tzekel Kan
Edward James Olmos ... The Chief
Jim Cummings ... Cortes
Tobin Bell ... Zaragoza
Duncan Marjoribanks ... Acolyte
Directed by: Will Finn, Eric Bergeman and Don Paul
Produced by: Bonne Radford and Brooke Breton
Musical Score by: Hans Zimmer
Songs by: Tim Rice and Elton John
Writing Credits: Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio

animated movie The Road to El Dorado © DreamworksDuring the "Tough to be a God" song number, you briefly see Tulio and Miguel's reflections in a bowl of liquid, the reflection of Tulio takes on a profile similar to that used in caricatures of Bob Hope, while Miguel ears are enlarged to symbolise the pronounced ears of Bing Crosby.

The reason for this is due to The Road to El Dorado sharing many elements from the "Road to" series of films that Bing Crosby and Bob Hope starred in (starting with Road to Singapore, in 1940 and ending with The Road to Hong Kong in 1962).

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