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The Prince of Egypt

The classic biblical tale of Moses freeing the Hebrew slaves in Egypt is brought to the screen in "The Prince of Egypt." Moses begins his life as a Hebrew slave but when the Egyptian pharoah orders the Hebrew's babies killed, his mother saves him by placing Moses in a basket and sending him down the Nile. Baby Moses is found by the Egyptian queen and she adopts him, raising Moses alongside her own son, Prince Ramses. Growing up he enjoys his carefree royal life until one day he meets his real family and comes to realizes how horrible the lives of the Hebrews are. Moses' struggles to discover where he truly belongs sets his feet on a path destined to be remembered for all time--"Ramses, Let my people go!"

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rated it:
The Prince of Egypt was such an awesome animated movie and feels true to the source material. The cast from Patrick Stewart to Val Kilmer is awesome! It has aged...
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rated it:
The classic tale of Moses freeing the Hebrew slaves in Egypt was one of favorite Bible stories when I was a kid - and still is. The...
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I found this to be one of the most moving animated films I've ever seen. I found it unique and excellent for actually portraying Moses as hating his job...
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The Prince of Egypt is one of those rare biblically based animated films that hit theaters and was actually fairly true to it's source material. They did a good job...
Created by: Dreamworks
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Val Kilmer ... Moses, God
Ralph Fiennes ... Rameses
Jeff Goldblum ... Aaron
Sandra Bullock ... Miriam
Michelle Pfeiffer ... Tzipporah
Danny Glover ... Jethro
Helen Mirren ... The Queen
Steve Martin ... Hotep
Martin Short ... Huy
Patrick Stewart ... Pharaoh Seti
Amick Byram ... Moses' singing voice
Linda Dee Shayne ... The Queen's singing voice
Sally Dworsky ... Miriam's singing voice
Brian Mitchell ... Jethro's singing voice
Executive Producers: Jeffrey Katzenberg
Musical Score by: Hans Zimmer
Writing Credits: Philip LaZebnik
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