animated movie The Point © Nilsson House Music, Inc. / Murakami-Wolf Productions
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The Point

Oblio is born with a round head into a town of the pointy headed people. His rounded head makes him an outcast from birth and he wears a pointed hat in the hopes of blending in. When it is discovered that his head is really round, the evil pointmeister has Oblio thrown out of the town into the wilderness. There Oblio and his faithful friend, a pointed dog named Arrow, must fend for themselves.

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I just checked, and this film isn't available in Australia, so this review is going to have to be based on a memory of seeing it on TV when I...
Created by: Nilsson House Music, Inc., Murakami-Wolf Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Dustin Hoffman ... Narrator (first telecast)
Alan Barzman ... Narrator (second telecast)
Alan Thicke ... Narrator (third telecast)
Ringo Starr ... Narrator (home video)
Mike Lookinland ... Oblio
Paul Frees ... Oblio's father, Pointed Man's Right Head, Leaf Man, The King, Villagers
Lennie Weinrib ... Count
Directed by: Fred Wolf
Produced by: Jimmy T. Murakami
Musical Score by: Harry Nilsson
Writing Credits: Harry Nilsson and Norm Lenzer
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