animated movie The Plague Dogs © Nepenthe Productions / United Artists
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The Plague Dogs

The tragic tale of two dogs, Snitter and Rowf, who escape their cruel life as laboratory test animals at a research facility only to be hunted down as possible carriers of the bubonic plague.

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The phrase “banality of evil” means the normalizing of terrible actions. This term was first used by the writer Hannah Arendt in reference to Adolph Eichmann, Hitler’s right-hand-man during The...
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Rowf and Snitter are test subjects at an animal research lab, and when they get the chance, they escape. But once in the wild, they must prey on farm animals...
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I saw the Plague Dogs a while ago. While in one of my Watership Down enthusiasms, I read the book. It was a thick, long book, and I...
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This movie reminded me a great deal of "Grave of the Fireflies"--that sense of something very pure and innocent getting turned upside down by a world that seems bent on...
Created by: Nepenthe Productions, United Artists
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / UK
Featuring the voices of:
John Hurt ... Snitter
Christopher Benjamin ... Rowf
James Bolam ... The Tod
Nigel Hawthorne ... Dr. Robert Boycott
Warren Mitchell ... Tyson, Wag
Bernard Hepton ... Stephen Powell
Brian Stirner ... Laboratory Assistant
Penelope Lee ... Lynn Driver
Geoffrey Mathews ... Farmer
Barbara Leigh-Hunt ... Farmer's Wife
John Bennett ... Don
John Franklyn-Robbins ... Williamson
Bill Maynard ... Editor
Malcolm Terris ... Robert
Judy Geeson ... Pekinese
Dandy Nichols ... Phyllis
Rosemary Leach ... Vera
Patrick Stewart ... Major
Directed by: Martin Rosen
Produced by: Martin Rosen
Musical Score by: Patrick Gleeson
Writing Credits: Martin Rosen
Based on: the book by Richard Adams
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