animated cartoon The Old Mill © Disney
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The Old Mill

An old, disused windmill has been occupied by the local wildlife; but as night falls a raging storm begins to creep up and soon threatens both the mill and those living inside.

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All this time that I've owned Bambi, and I never bothered to check out this short that was buried in the DVD features. This seems more like a tech demo...
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I absolutely love this cartoon. I thought it's beautifully animated under the direction of Wilfred Jackson, who also directed the "Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria" segment from the...
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An abandoned windmill and the surrounding countryside are home to a number of creatures, such as spiders on glistening cobwebs, ducks on shimmering water and a bird nestled in the...
Created by: Disney
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Wilfred Jackson
Produced by: Walt Disney

Disney's Multiplane CameraThe first Disney short to make use of the innovated Multiplane Camera, designed for Disney by William Garity. The camera would later be used for the company’s features. Although there had been multiplane cameras before, Ub Iwerks had created one for his work at Celebrity Pictures and the Fleischer’s Studios used a similar device, involving a revolving table, though the Fleischer’s used theirs sparingly, if at all in their subjects.

Disney’s however, was the most complex, sophisticated and expensive built. And the before unheard of sense of depth in the film would earn The Old Mill the Academy Award for best short film / cartoon. After the introduction of the computer based CAPS system the camera was retired and now resides in the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream museum attraction at the Disney-MGM Studios theme Park in California.

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