animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas © Disney
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The Nightmare Before Christmas

On the edge our world, there exist magical realities that bring us our favourite holidays each year. It is there that Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, finds himself bored with the same old scares of his job and longs for something more. When he stumbles upon a wonderful place called Christmas Town, Jack decides on a career change--he wants to become Santa Claus. The next thing you know, he's got all of Halloween Town working on bringing their own brand of Christmas cheer to the world. However, Jack's search for the Christmas spirit may turn into a frightening disaster...

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One of my favorite films, I can recall watching it every time I went to grandmom's house. lol Music? Danny Elfman did a darn good job there, as I love listing...
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Walk into Hot Topic and one can almost guarantee that you'll see a bag or something featuring Jack Skellington. That doesn't even start on the extreme popularity of this stop-motion...
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The Nightmare Before Christmas is certainly Tim Burton's most well-known work. If you walk into a Hot Topic, you'll find tons of stuff with Jack Skellington on it. Even over...
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Yeah, what everyone else said. It's a great movie. AND(!) it serves as a dual purpose film too! It's great for Halloween; it's great for Christmas. Two in one!!! It's...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Chris Sarandon ... Jack Skellington
Catherine O'Hara ... Sally, Shock
William Hickey ... Dr. Finklestein
Glenn Shadix ... Mayor
Paul Reubens ... Lock
Ken Page ... Oogie Boogie
Ed Ivory ... Santa
Danny Elfman ... Jack's singing voice, Barrel
Directed by: Henry Selick
Produced by: Tim Burton and Denise Di Novi
Songs by: Danny Elfman
Writing Credits: Michael McDowell and Caroline Thompson
Based on: a poem by Tim Burton
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