animated movie The Mouse and His Child © Murakami-Wolf Productions / deFaria-Lockhart Productions / Sanrio
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The Mouse and His Child

The Mouse and his Child come to consciousness in a toy shop, where they learn it is their destiny to walk around in clockwork circles forever. They fall from the shelf and are sent out with the trash, eventually falling into slavery and the clutches of Manny the Rat. Escaping, they set out on a quest to become 'self-winding'.

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I have a copy of this on VHS though I have watched it several times I find it a bit boring the music is terrible I know this didnt have...
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I did remember watching this film in the past at some time in my childhood. And because of my searching for copies of old and/or discontinued animated films either buried...
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As a fan of the book, I jumped at the chance to get a copy of this film. It looks like they wasted an opportunity, or in any case...
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I don't remember too much about this movie. though it should be noted that Peter Ustinov and Andy Devine star as Manny the Rat and The Frog in this pic....
Created by: Murakami-Wolf Productions, deFaria-Lockhart Productions, Sanrio
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Japan
Alternate Title: The Extraordinary Adventures of the Mouse and His Child
Featuring the voices of:
Alan Barzman ... The Mouse
Marcy Swenson ... The Mouse Child
Peter Ustinov ... Manny the Rat
Cloris Leachman ... Euterpe
Sally Kellerman ... The Seal
Andy Devine ... The Frog
Neville Brand ... Iggy
Regis Cordic ... The Clock
Bob Holt ... Muskrat
Joan Gerber ... The Elephant
Mel Leven ... Ralphie
Maitzi Morgan ... Teller/Starling
Cliff Osmond ... C. Serpentina
Frank Nelson ... Crow
Cliff Norton ... Crow
Iris Rainer ... Paper People/Starling
Robert Ridgely ... Jack in the Box
Charles Woolf ... Bluejay/Paper People
John Carradine ... The Tramp
Directed by: Charles Swenson and Fred Wolf
Produced by: Walt deFaria
Executive Producers: Warren Lockhart and Shintarô Tsuji
Musical Score by: Roger Kellaway
Writing Credits: Russell Hoban and Carol Monpere
Based on: The book by Russell Hoban

animated movie The Mouse and His Child © Murakami-Wolf Productions / deFaria-Lockhart Productions / SanrioI have included a link to ebay, because the number of copies remaining at Amazon is very small at the time of writing - but be warned it is likely that most ebay copies (particularly the DVD's) are bootlegs taped from old VHS copies.

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