animated movie The Lord of the Rings © Fantasy Films / Saul Zaentz Production Company
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The Lord of the Rings

Covering the events of "The Fellowship of the Ring" and about half of "The Two Towers", the film tells the story of Frodo the Hobbit who becomes the guardian of the One Ring, created by the dark lord Sauron with the power to enslave all the free folk of Middle-Earth. As Sauron and his Ring-Wraiths search for the ring, Frodo and a fellowship of different races must journey across the lands to Mt. Doom--to destroy the ring and end the threat of Sauron once and for all.

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rated it:
This lord of the rings as an individual film in current times may not be considered to be a 'good film' however the animation for the time was good and...
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rated it:
Despite the obvious draw backs and short commings, It was still a good film. It was a kids version of the movie. One of those movies you put into your VCR and...
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This presentation is a decent condensed version of the first half of the story, but the 2nd half is missing entirely. The compressed nature of this film leaves out a...
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Any animated film that spends the first four odd minutes as a barely disguised live-action piece (with brief animation flashes), and then ends up with a large majority of the...
Created by: Fantasy Films, Saul Zaentz Production Company
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Christopher Guard ... Frodo
William Squire ... Gandalf
Michael Scholes ... Sam
Simon Chandler ... Meridoc
Dominic Guard ... Pippin
Norman Bird ... Bilbo
John Hurt ... Aragorn
Michael Graham Cox ... Boromir
Anthony Daniels ... Legolas
David Buck ... Gimli
Peter Woodthorpe ... Gollum
Phillip Stone ... King Theoden
Michael Deacon ... Wormtongue
André Morell ... Elrond
Alan Tilvern ... Innkeeper
Annette Crosbie ... Galadriel
John Westbrook ... Treebeard
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi
Produced by: Saul Zaentz
Musical Score by: Maury Laws
Writing Credits: Peter S. Beagle and Chris Conkling
Based on: the novels, "The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Two Towers," by J.R.R. Tolkien

animated movie The Lord of the Rings © Fantasy Films / Saul Zaentz Production CompanyDespite this film's dismal theatrical release, the Bakashi "Lord of the Rings" did influence director Peter Jackson when it came time to do his version. Jackson pays homage to his animated predecessor by duplicating the angle and staging of this Bakashi shot from Bilbo's birthday party.

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