animated cartoon The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea © Disney / Disney Australia
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The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Ariel and Prince Eric are living a happily married life on land in Eric's kingdom. A new threat however surfaces in the form of Ursula's wicked sister, Morgana, and to protect their daughter, Melody, Ariel and Eric conceal the child's mermaid heritage. Unfortunately, Melody is as curious and head-strong as her mother and ventures into the sea against her parent's wishes. To prevent her daughter from becoming a pawn in Morgana's quest for Triton's kingdom, Ariel returns to the sea and reunites with her old friends Sebastian, Flounder and Scuttle.

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I was shocked and surprised by the negative reviews I saw on the web, I thought "The Little Mermaid II" is a very cute and funny sequel for everyone -...
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Bad is one word that would sum this movie up nicely. I give it one and a half stars only because the animation was ok. As far as the story...
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**After rewatching this film, I feel like editing my review! Hope you don't mind!** Okay, I can't help it - I am falling smitten for this film, despite its flaws. Ariel breaks...
Created by: Disney, Disney Australia
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Australia
Featuring the voices of:
Jodi Benson ... Ariel
Tara Strong ... Princess Melody
Samuel E. Wright ... Sebastian
Cam Clarke ... Flounder
Buddy Hackett ... Scuttle
Max Casella ... Tip the Penguin
Stephen Furst ... Dash the Walrus
Pat Carroll ... Morgana
Clancy Brown ... Undertow
Rob Paulsen ... Prince Eric
Kenneth Mars ... King Triton
Kay E. Kuter ... Grimsby
Edie McClurg ... Carlotta
Rene Auberjonois ... Louis the Chef
Directed by: Jim Kammerud
Musical Score by: Danny Troob
Writing Credits: Elizabeth Anderson and Temple Matthews
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