animated cartoon The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure © Amblin / Universal
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The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

Following from the first movie, Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petri are living happily together in the Great Valley; however trouble is not completely absent with two egg-eating struthiomimuses about and the natural hazards of the valley itself. However the idyllic valley cannot stop the friends from becoming fed up with the grownups giving them lectures and restrictions because ‘they’re too little.’ They decide to show the adults that they’re not babies by giving chase to the two egg-eaters after seeing them in the act of stealing an egg; however in their pursuit the group cause a rockslide, opening the valley to the Mysterious Beyond. When the kids bring back an egg, they find that it is not the original; which is safe back in its nest. The friends decide to look after this new egg themselves, but when the egg hatches it reveals a baby sharptooth which Littlefoot befriends and names Chomper. Not long after the others befriend Chomper… but what to do with him?

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rated it:
The one star rating here goes for ALL the Land Before Time sequels. I think they are all horrible. They lack everything the first had, and what is...
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rated it:
Oh noes, who in their right minds approved the idea of making a sequel to The Land Before Time? (because, no offense, they deserve to be fired. LOL) Actually, I, at first,...
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rated it:
I really love the first Land Before Time. It's beautiful, dark and awe-inspiring. It was a smash hit in cinemas and on video. So Universal decided to cash in on...
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rated it:
in short this movie is a disgrace i really detest this one its completely disgusting compered to the original. its got horrible songs the characters act different to the first...
Created by: Amblin, Universal
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Scott McAfee ... Littlefoot
Candace Hutson ... Cera
Heather Hogan ... Ducky
Jeff Bennett ... Petrie, Ozzy
Rob Paulsen ... Spike, Strut, Chomper
Linda Gary ... Littlefoot's Grandma
Kenneth Mars ... Littlefoot's Grandpa
John Ingle ... Narrator, Cera's Father
Directed by: Roy Allen Smith
Produced by: Roy Allen Smith and Zahra Dowlatabadi
Musical Score by: Michael Tavera
Writing Credits: Dev Ross, John Loy and John Ludin
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