animated movie The Jungle Book 2 © Disney / Disney Australia
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The Jungle Book 2

Time has passed since the events of the original movie, and Mowgli grows restless and feels out of place in the human village. When Baloo visits, Mowgli decides to re-join him in the jungle. However, Shanti, the girl whom he followed into the village in the first movie, believes he's been taken against his will, and follows him. With the danger of Sher-Kahn abroad, Mowgli must protect himself and his friends, and decide between the jungle and civilisation (again)

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rated it:
to be totally honest, i don't see how this film was actually terrible. why is everyone giving it so many horrible reviews? it's not awful! i saw it when i...
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rated it:
Originally intended to be a direct-to-video release, Disney, in their infinite wisdom, decided to release this “film” to theatres, greedy corporation that they are: if it was released as a...
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rated it:
As far as I'm concerned, this film and the original films are two totally and completely different things and I love both of them; I am not one to compare....
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rated it:
"You can take a boy out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the boy . . ." (I do believe that was the line from...
Created by: Disney, Disney Australia
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Australia
Featuring the voices of:
John Goodman ... Baloo
Haley Joel Osment ... Mowgli
Tony Jay ... Shere Kahn
Mae Whitman ... Shanti
Bob Joles ... Bagheera
Jim Cummings ... Kaa, Colonel Hathi
Phil Collins ... Lucky the Vulture
Connor Funk ... Ranjan
John Rhys-Davies ... Ranjan's father
Directed by: Steve Trenbirth
Produced by: Mary Thorne
Musical Score by: Joel McNeely and Patrick Griffin
Songs by: Lorraine Feather and Paul Grabowsky
Writing Credits: Karl Geurs
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