holiday animation The Hobbit © Rankin-Bass
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The Hobbit

Hobbits like Bilbo Baggins were quite content with their quiet lives, where no one ever left the Shire and they certainly never went on grand adventures. That was until the day that Gandalf the Wizard led a group of dwarves to Bilbo's round door proclaiming Bilbo was an expert burglar--which he wasn't--and that he was the perfect hobbit to help them get their treasure back from an evil dragon.

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In 1977, The Hobbit , the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy classic set in Middle-earth was adapted into this excellent animated feature first broadcast on television by my all-time...
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You may not have heard, but there is a new movie trilogy based on JRR Tolkein's Lord of the Rings series. Of course, I jest. If you haven't seen these...
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Another plug in the direction of the review below. Several scenes, such as the giants-eating-party scene, were cut far too short in an effort to save time. Most...
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Rankin Bass took on the huge task of trying to make The Hobbit into a cartoon...and they succeeded. The Hobbit was a made-for-television film from the 70's, and...
Created by: Rankin-Bass
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Orson Bean ... Bilbo Baggins
John Huston ... Gandalf the Grey
Otto Preminger ... Elvenking
Cyril Ritchard ... Elrond
Brother Theodore ... Gollum
Paul Frees ... Bombur
Richard Bone ... Smaug
John Stephenson ... Dori, Great Goblin, Bard
Don Messick ... Balin, Goblin, Lord of the Eagles
Hans Conried ... Thorin
Directed by: Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass
Produced by: Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass
Musical Score by: Maury Laws
Writing Credits: Romeo Muller
Based on: the book by J.R.R. Tolkien
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