animated series The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy © Cartoon Network / Castle Creek Productions
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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

After Death loses a bet he is forced to become the best friend of Billy, a dim, but fun loving boy. And Mandy, a smart, devious and cynical little girl.

see also: Evil Con Carne (TV Series)
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rated it:
It's an enjoyable series, but not great. Something to watch because you want to know whats gonna happen next. Billy, the Comic Relief Character, has a very good amount of...
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rated it:
I guess I will have to divide this show into two reviews, let us start with the god-awful "Grim". I hate the "Grim" part of this show so much,it is filled...
Created by: Cartoon Network, Castle Creek Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Grim & Evil
Featuring the voices of:
Grey DeLisle ... Mandy, Milkshakes
Greg Eagles ... Grim Reaper, Sperg
Richard Steven Horvitz ... Billy, Billy's Dad (Harold)
Vanessa Marshall ... Irwin, Mandy's Mom
Jennifer Hale ... Billy's Mom (Gladys)
Rachael MacFarlane ... Mindy, Eris
Phil LaMarr ... Irwin's Dad
Dee Bradley Baker ... Mandy's Dad
Series Created by: Maxwell Atoms
Executive Producers: Maxwell Atoms
Musical Score by: Drew Neumann, Guy Moon and Gregory Hinde

This show was originally the "Grim" segment of the "Grim & Evil" series on Cartoon Network, which also included Evil Con Carne. The two parts separated to act as standalone series, with Grim outlasting Evil for several seasons.

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