short film The Final Flight of the Osiris © Square USA
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The Final Flight of the Osiris

After a vigorous martial arts workout, Thadeus and Jue must lead the crew of the hovership Osiris to warn the city of Xion of an imminent attack from the machines.

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As Toonboy said, there are better shorts in the Animatrix. The thing I didn't like about the short (and I know some are going to hate me for this) is:...
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The three stars is for The Animatrix as a whole, which is a mix of animated shorts ranging from wonderful to pretty horrible. The Final Flight of the Osiris is...
Created by: Square USA
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Kevin Michael Richardson ... Thadeus
Pamela Segall ... Jue
John Di Maggio ... Crew Man
Tom Kenny ... Operator
Rick Gomez ... Pilot
Tara Strong ... Crew Woman
Bette Ford ... Old Woman
Directed by: Andy Jones
Produced by: Jun Aida and Joel Silver
Executive Producers: Gary Mundell, Cameron Stevning and Junichi O. Yanagihara
Musical Score by: Don Davis
Writing Credits: Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski
Based on: the "Matrix" movie trilogy
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