flash animation The Evil Strawberry © unknown
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The Evil Strawberry

A baby wants to eat a strawberry - unfortunately for him, the strawberry turns out to be evil. Can the baby hold his own against this most evil of strawberries?

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To answer AkiStar's question: I uploaded this to the database because someone requested it. ...yeah, I'm not sure why, either. But even so, that individual clearly liked it enough to request...
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Why is this even here...? I have to wonder how the audio for this thing came into existence. I imagine that somewhere, that strawberry hoarder is still out there, terrorizing little...
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Some of the Flash animation out there that Iíve seen is beneath contempt, this is perhaps one of the lowest of even them. An indescribable piece of filth that would...
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The previous reviewers pretty much summed up everything. The Evil Strawberry makes direct-to-video animation seem like a masterpiece. The animation is, for the lack of better wording, crap. I don't usually...
Created by: unknown
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Karson ... baby
keatonkeaton999 ... strawberry
Directed by: keatonkeaton999
Animated by: keatonkeaton999
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