animated cartoon The Bored Cuckoo © Famous Studios
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The Bored Cuckoo

Cadmus, a cuckoo clock cuckoo, is tired of having to go "cuckoo" every hour on the hour, especially as it is preventing him from getting a decent sleep. He decides to leave his home to live out in the wild. He is met with mockery by most of bird society, with the exception of a lady nightingale who he falls in love with.

Created by: Famous Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jack Mercer ... Cadmus Cuckoo
Directed by: Bill Tytla
Produced by: Izzy Sparber and Seymour Kneitel
Musical Score by: Winston Sharples and Buddy Kaye
Writing Credits: Bill Turner, Larry Riley and Bunny Gough
profile by: starlac