animated series The Boondocks © Adelaide Productions / Sony Pictures Animation / Rebel Base
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The Boondocks

Ten-year-old militant Huey Freeman recounts life in his neighborhood and narrates socio-political messages.

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rated it:
"The Boondocks" style seems to be a mixture of anime, Ralph Bakshi, and Peanuts. You have your Bakshi, offensive groundbreaking edge, your anime style, and that Peanutsy feel (this is...
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rated it:
This is a fine series. It's funny, witty, and original. The only downside comes if you have trouble with swearing (word "N", for example). You can't see the entire first...
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First of all, it's only fair for me to admit that I haven't seen a great deal of this series. Most likely I'll watch more of it, then come back...
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I've tried watching this. I laughed. I changed the channel about halfway through the first ten minutes of an episode and turned it back. Mainly because of the multiple use...
Created by: Adelaide Productions, Sony Pictures Animation, Rebel Base
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Regina King ... Huey Freeman/Riley Freeman
John Witherspoon ... Granddad
Cedric Yarbrough ... Tom Dubois
Jill Talley ... Sarah Dubois
Gabby Soleil ... Jazmine Dubois
Gary Anthony Williams ... Uncle Ruckus
Series Created by: Aaron McGruder
Directed by: Anthony Bell and Joe Horne
Produced by: Brian Cowan, Denys Cowan and Eric Horsted
Writing Credits: Rodney Barnes
Based on: "The Boondocks" comic strip
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