short film The Big Snit © National Film Board of Canada
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The Big Snit

A married couple are having a game of Scrabble, but the husband finds himself with seven letter Es, while he is deciding what to do, his wife goes to do some vacuuming. The husband decides to watch his favourite show but falls asleep just as an emergency broadcast comes on declaring the outbreak of global nuclear war. Unaware of the impending disaster, the two start to fight when the wife catches the husband sneaking a peek at her letters.

Created by: National Film Board of Canada
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Alternate Title: Le p'tit chaos
Featuring the voices of:
Jay Brazeau ... Unknown Voices
Ida Osler ... Wife and other female voices
Randy Woods ... Unknown Voices
Bill Guest ... Unknown Voices
Directed by: Richard Condie
Produced by: Richard Condie
Executive Producers: Michael J.F. Scott
Musical Score by: Patrick Godfrey
Writing Credits: Richard Condie
Animated by: Richard Condie
profile by: starlac