animated series The Beatles © King Features / TVC / ABC / Artransa/Graphik / Canawest
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The Beatles

First airing in 1965, 'The Beatles' survived an unlikely 5 seasons. The plot involved the Fab Four from Liverpool, involved in numerous unlikely, mostly comic adventures, interspersed with Beatles songs. Particularly in the early years, these were often less known album tracks. The voice artists were American.

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I was a Beatles nut back in the 70's, and remember this show pretty clearly from the days of bw Australian TV. Naturally I loved it. On the plus side,...
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I remember watching this cartoon when it came out in the US during the heyday of the “British invasion.” It had mediocre animation for its time....
Created by: King Features, TVC, ABC, Artransa/Graphik, Canawest
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / UK / Australia
Featuring the voices of:
Paul Frees ... John Lennon, George Harrison
Lance Percival ... Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr
Directed by: George Dunning, Ron Campbell, John W. Dunn, Tom MacDonald, Graham Sharpe, Jack Stahen and Jack Stokes
Produced by: George Dunning and Jack Gettles
Executive Producers: Al Brodax

animated series The Beatles © King Features / TVC / ABC / Artransa/Graphik / CanawestThe Beatles objected to the 'Amerification' of their Liverpool accents, which resulted in the show getting limited airing in Britain. Considering the enormous changes in The Beatles' music over the period of the series' production, it is fairly amazing that it survived the changes from the loveable but naive fab four of 1965, until the politicially and mystically identified figures of 1969. In fact, the series almost outlasted the group.

The series is slated to appear on DVD in the forseeable future.

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