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The cast of The Jungle Book is back but this time the setting is 1930s Cape Suzette and Baloo is a bushpilot for a struggling courier company--"Higher for Hire"--in the Pacific Islands. He's joined by a daredevil orphan Kit Cloudkicker, the swinging restaurant owner Louie, his tenacious boss Rebecca Cunningham, her daughter Molly and the company's absentminded mechanic Wildcat. Life would be fairly quiet in the Cape if it weren't for industrial business giant Shere Khan, the wacky Don Karnage and his Air Pirates and, of course, Baloo's usual bumbling ways.

see also: The Jungle Book, The Jungle Book 2 and Jungle Cubs (TV Series)
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Eh, I remember this series. The animation was ok, It wasn't poor, but it wasn't impressive. The only thing I really cared for from this series was the voice acting,...
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Holy crap, when will this show be on DVD? I remember TaleSpin from the Disney Afternoon way back when! The uber-catchy opening theme (if you're not singing to it by the...
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Time to come with an excuse to push Spongebob Squarepants off the bottom of the top 5. It's kind of strange that one of Disney's weaker movies would go on to...
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Ah, the glorious Disney Afternoon. At the time it started, I was technically too old for cartoons, but I have always been a Scrooge McDuck fan, and naturally had...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Ed Gilbert ... Baloo
R.J. Williams ... Kit Cloudkicker
Sally Struthers ... Rebecca Cunningham
Pat Fraley ... Wildcat
Janna Michaels ... Molly Cunninghan
Jim Cummings ... Don Karnage, Louie
Tony Jay ... Shere Khan
Charles Adler ... Maddog
Chuck McCann ... Dumptruck
Michael Gough ... Spigot
Lorenzo Music ... Dunder
Produced by: Jymn Magon, Robert Taylor and Larry Latham
Musical Score by: Christopher L. Stone
Writing Credits: Duane Capizzi, Karl Geurs, Mark Zaslove, Stephen Sustarsic, Libby Hinson, Chuck Tately and Michael Edens
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