animated series Sylvanian Families © DIC Entertainment / Claster Television Productions
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Sylvanian Families

Every night a child with a problem goes to sleep and appears at the steps of the woodcutter’s cottage. After being shrunk, the child enters into the land of Sylvanian, looking for a solution for their trouble. There they meet the friendly inhabitants and inevitably help to foil the plans of Packrat, Gator Possum and/or the Slydales.

Created by: DIC Entertainment, Claster Television Productions
Language: English / French
Country of Origin: USA / France
Alternate Title: Les Familles Sylvania (France)
Produced by: Graham Clutterbuck
Executive Producers: Andy Heyward
Writing Credits: Jean Chalopin and Phil Harnage
Based on: the toy line.

For some legal reason the toyline for the "Sylvanian Families" goes under the name of "Calico Critters" in the USA.

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