animated movie Surf's Up © Sony Pictures Animation
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Surf's Up

When he was just a kid, surf legend Big Z came to Cody's tiny town in Antarctica. Inspired to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Cody is off--with a documentary film crew in tow--to the biggest surf competition in the world to prove that he has what it takes to surf with the big boys.

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I sort of avoided penguins after I watched Happy Feet. It seemed like penguin movies were being made at a steady pace. March of the Penguins, Happy Feet,...
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Aside from being somewhat predictable this movie was amazing compared to Happy Feet. The trailers made this movie look absolutely terrible so out of sheer boredom I decided to...
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After the underwhelming Happy Feet, I pretty much felt that the demand for cartoon penguins had died out, but like so many other animated movies, the penguins came in pairs....
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Absolutely fantastic! I only picked up Surf's Up after reading about here on Keyframe, and it lived up to the reviews! Most stunning effects I've seen! The water and sand are...
Created by: Sony Pictures Animation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Shia LaBeouf ... Cody Maverick
Jeff Bridges ... The Geek
Zooey Deschanel ... Lani
Mario Cantone ... Mikey
Jon Heder ... Chicken Joe
Brian Posehn ... Glen Maverick
James Woods ... Reggie Belafonte
Dana Belben ... Mrs. Maverick
Diedrich Bader ... Tank 'The Shredder' Evans
Kelly Slater ... Kelly
Rob Machado ... Rob
Sal Masekela ... SPEN Announcer
Reed Buck ... Arnold
Reese Elowe ... Kate
Jack P. Ranjo ... Smudge
Directed by: Ash Brannon and Chris Buck
Produced by: Christopher Jenkins
Musical Score by: Mychael Danna
Writing Credits: Ash Brannon, Chris Buck, Don Rhymer, Christopher Jenkins, Christian Darren, Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse
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