animated cartoon Superman © Fleischer Studios
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In this, the original Superman cartoon, released in 1941, we learn of Superman's origins on the planet Krypton and how he assumed the guise of Clark Kent, though the 'Daily Planet' isn't named. The film cuts quickly to the chase. The editor has recieved a note from a mad scientist that his destructive ray will be turned against the city tonight, and then everyone who laughed at him will be sorry. Lois Lane volunteers for the story and flies off in a plane, only to be captured by the mad scientist. Clark ducks into a store room, changes into Superman, and fights his way to the scientist's laboratory, from which the ray is wreaking havoc.

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You can find any number of DVD volumes of old cartoons for cheap at the big box stores. I find most of them to appear dated to my eyes, but...
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Up there in the sky, itís a bird, itís a plane, itís a theatrical short that had a budget many times that of any other short of the time. In...
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This is the original. The first Superman cartoon, of an eventual series of 17. It was nominated for an Oscar. The most illuminating thing I can remember reading about the...
Created by: Fleischer Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Titles: Superman - the Introduction, The Mad Scientist
Featuring the voices of:
Bud Collyer ... Clark Kent, Superman
Joan Alexander ... Lois Lane
Jack Mercer ... The mad scientist
Noa ... Perry White
Directed by: David Fleischer
Produced by: Max Fleischer
Musical Score by: Winston Sharples and Sammy Timberg
Writing Credits: Izzy Sparber and Seymour Kneitel
Animated by: Frank Andres and Steve Muffati
Based on: The comic books by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

animated cartoon Superman © Fleischer StudiosThere were 17 Superman shorts produced in the 40's and usually attributed to Fleischer Studios, however Fleischer actually only produced the first nine, which are generally considered superior. The remaining eight were produced by Famous Studios, which was basically what Paramount renamed Fleischer when they took them over. The DVD shown above contains only the Fleischer cartoons.

This first short was nominated for an Academy Award.

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