animated series Stitch! © Disney / Madhouse Productions / Dr. Movie / Tezuka Productions
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Set after the events of Leroy and Stitch,* Stitch steals one of Jumba's scooters and makes his way back to Earth, crashing on the small Izayoi Island in the Japanese Ryukyu Islands. There Stitch meets Yuna, a girl who father is away as a marine biologist, and learns about the Spiritual Stone, which will grant a wish to anyone who can perform 43 selfless good deeds (without doing anything selfish, which counts against the total). With the help of a counter created by Jumba - ordered to watch Stitch by the Grand Council with Pleakley - Stitch tries his best to accomplish the number of needed deeds.

Created by: Disney, Madhouse Productions, Dr. Movie, Tezuka Productions
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Titles: Sutitchi! (Japan), Stitch! ~ The Mischievous Alien's Great Adventure, Stitch! ~Best Friends Forever~
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
K˘ichi Yamadera ... Stitch
Motoko Kumai ... Yuna
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Ben Diskin ... Stitch, Takeo, 627
Eden Riegel ... Yuna
Gwendoline Yeo ... Gramma
Jess Winfield ... Jumba
Ted Biaselli ... Pleakley
Kirk Thornton ... Dr. Jacques Von Hńmsterviel, Suzuki
Keith Silverstein ... Gantu
Dave Wittenberg ... Mr. Honda, Reuben/625, Tombo
Stephanie Sheh ... Taro
Meghan Strange ... Penny
Derek Stephen Prince ... Kenny
Laura Bailey ... Taka, Jun
Kate Higgins ... Angel, Beniko, Computer Voice
Tara Sands ... Audrey
Directed by: Masami Hata, Takuji Endo and Han Kwang Il
Produced by: Yasuteru Iwase and Satoru Yoshimoto
Executive Producers: Masao Maruyama and Jamie Simone
Musical Score by: Thorsten Laewe
Writing Credits: Chris Sanders, Dean Deblois, Touko Machida and Satoru Nijizono
Based on: Characters created by Chris Sanders/Disney

animated series Stitch! © Disney / Madhouse Productions / Dr. Movie / Tezuka Productions*The series is a stand-alone, Japanese spin-off, set in an alternative continuity than the USA-made Films, DTVs and TV series. The English dub, however, makes an attempt to connect it to the series' western cannon.

While Lilo is mentioned in the English dub, no mention of her is apparently made in the original Japanese version. Nonetheless, a grown-up Lilo appears in episode 21 of the third series, with a daughter that looks exactly like she does in the original films.

Only five episodes where shown in the States, when it was taken off for unknown reasons. Currently airs in the UK on Disney's premium Sky channel Disney Cinematic.

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