animated movie Starchaser: The Legend of Orin © Filmation
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Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

Deep underground in Mineworld, a tribe of humans are slaves to the malevolent overlord Zygon, whom they believe to be their god. They have been told for centuries that their world is the only world and any attempt to mine to the surface will only lead them to Hell. Then one day while mining, Orin discovers the hilt of a sword with powers only he can unlock. The sword comes a message urging Orin to journey to the surface, saying that if he can find the blade of the sword he can set his people free. Upon escaping Mineworld, Orin teams up with the reluctant smuggler Dagg and his ship, Starchaser, to search for the sword's blade.

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rated it:
Fantastic and highly underrated Sci-fi animated gem of the 80's! i liked this better then "Heavy Metal" and enjoyed it as much as "Rock & Rule" and "Fire & Ice"....
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rated it:
What if you were to ripoff (er um I mean be inspired by) two of the coolest franchises of the 80's. Well, you might make Starchaser: The Legend of Orin....
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rated it:
When I saw the release date on this movie, (1985), I'll admit I wasn't expecting much. Most of the western animated scifi that came out of the 80s was pretty...
Created by: Filmation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / South Korea
Featuring the voices of:
Joe Colligan ... Orin
Carmen Argenziano ... Dagg
Anthony De Longis ... Zygon
Noelle North ... Elan, Aviana
Tyke Caravelli ... Silica
Les Tremayne ... Arthur
Daryl Bartley ... Kallie
Directed by: Steven Hahn
Executive Producers: Thomas Coleman and Michael Rosenblatt
Musical Score by: Andrew Belling
Writing Credits: Jeffrey Scott
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