animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil © Disney / Daron Nefcy Productions
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Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Star, princess of the dimension Mewni is given the family heirloom a powerful magic wand on her 14th birthday and promptly causes chaos. She is sent to Earth to train her powers under the pretense of being a foreign exchange student and is paired with "safe kid" Marco Diaz. After discovering that Star has magic powers and that Marco is a karate expert, the two become fast friends and enjoy various misadventures, as well as protect the wand from villains like Ludo, who would use it for evil.

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I picked up watching this show in bits and pieces here and there, with nothing really standing out to me enough to become a constant fan. But let's face it....
Created by: Disney, Daron Nefcy Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Star and the Forces of Evil
Featuring the voices of:
Eden Sher ... Star Butterfly
Adam McArthur ... Marco Diaz, Big Chicken
Grey Griffin ... Queen Butterfly, Jackie Lynn Thomas, Janna
Alan Tudyk ... Ludo, King Butterfly
Fred Tatasciore ... Buff Frog, Beard Dear, Quest Buy Sloth Clerks
Jeff Bennett ... Bearicorn, Principal Skeeves, Justin
Daron Nefcy ... Pixie Princess, Sabrina, StarFan13
Matt Chapman ... Alfonzo
Artt Butler ... Mr. Diaz
Nia Vardalos ... Mrs. Diaz
Nate Torrence ... Ferguson
Michael C. Hall ... Toffee
Dee Dee Rescher ... Miss Skullnick
Jon Heder ... Oskar Greason
Joshua Rush ... Jeremy Birnbaum
Minae Noji ... Brittany Wong
Maurice LaMarche ... King Pony Head, Robot Guards, Squares
Jenny Slate ... Princess Pony Head
Nick Swardson ... Dojo Sensei
Jeffrey Tambor ... Glossaryck
Corey Burton ... Monster Arm, Joust Joust Revolution Announcer
Brian Posehn ... Lobster Claws
Rider Strong ... Tom
Dee Bradley Baker ... Yarn Monster
Anna Camp ... Pixie Empress
Rob Paulsen ... Gustav
Arif S. Kinchen ... Princess Smooshy
Gwendoline Yeo ... Mrs. Liao
Danny Woodburn ... Pixie Taskmaster
Series Created by: Daron Nefcy
Executive Producers: David Wasson, Daron Nefcy and Jordana Arkin
Musical Score by: Brian H. Kim
Writing Credits: David Wasson, Danielle Koenig, Ian Wasseluk, Piero Piluso, Bert Youn, Mike Yank, Daron Nefcy, Michael Mullen, Aaron Hammersley, Nate Federman, Emily Brundige, Dominic Bisignano, Zeus Cervas, Christofer Graham, Keith Kaczorek, Carrie Liao, Kyle Neswald and Carder Scholin
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