flash animation Star Warz Gangsta Rap © unknown
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Star Warz Gangsta Rap

It's not the East or the West side. It's not the North or the South side. IT'S THE DARK SIDE! Watch out, you Vader-haters! BentTV's Thomas Lee animated dancing Stormtroopers and lightsaber fights to this parody song from Bentframe. After the classic edition (and his) wild success in 2000, he released a Special Edition in 2004 with vastly improved graphics.

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rated it:
Choosing star wars parodies that I like is hard. Whilst this one is certainly goodish its not very funny. I know the animation is smooth and tells the story adequitly...
Created by: unknown
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jason Brannon ... All
Songs by: BentFrame
Writing Credits: Jason Brannon and Chris Crawford
Animated by: Thomas Lee
Based on: A song by Bentframe, parodying the Star Wars classic trilogy.

flash animation Star Warz Gangsta Rap © unknownThomas Lee lived every web-content developer's dream: he made his fan video and showed it to Bentframe, who hired him on the spot for BentTV.

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