animated series Spider Man © Marvel / Steve Krantz Productions / Grantray-Lawrence Animation / Famous Studios
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Spider Man

After being bitten by a spider during a radiation experiment, student Peter Parker finds himself possessed with spiderlike powers and abilities. After his pre-occupation with his own new super-powers lead indirectly to the death of his aunt and uncle, Peter vows to use his powers to fight crime, and Spiderman is born. The original animated TV series.

see also: Spider-Man (TV Series)
Created by: Marvel, Steve Krantz Productions, Grantray-Lawrence Animation, Famous Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Paul Soles ... Peter Parker, Spider-Man, Fantastic Fakir, Ox, Vulture
Bernard Cowan ... Dr. Magneto, Cowboy, Dr. Von Schlick, Narrator
Paul Kligman ... J. Jonah Jameson, Jake, Hippie Poet, Lee Patterson, Otto
Peg Dixon ... Betty Brant, Mrs. Conner, Adelaide, Aunt May Parker, Marie, Miss Trubble, Diana, Mrs. Van Meer, Emily Thorndike, Countess Belinski, Polly, Mary Jane Watson, Sue
Series Created by: Steve Ditko
Executive Producers: Ralph Bakshi, Steve Krantz, Robert L. Lawrence and Shamus Culhane
Musical Score by: Ray Ellis and Bob Harris
Writing Credits: Ralph Bakshi, Dick Robbins, Bernard Cowan, Larry Leiber, Johnny Romita, Phil Babet, Al Bertino, Lin Carter, Dick Cassarino, Bill Danch, Fred Halliday and Ira Turek
Based on: Comic by Stan Lee

animated series Spider Man © Marvel / Steve Krantz Productions / Grantray-Lawrence Animation / Famous StudiosThe show ran from 1967 to 1970. After the first season, Ralph Bakshi became the main creative force, and these later seasons are generally considered to have a very different feel which is sometimes described as 'experimental' or 'trippy', and sometimes things less flattering, by purists.

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