animated series Spicy City © Teletoon / HBO
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Spicy City

A cross between cyberpunk and film noir, Spicy City, according to Gary Susman of Boston Phoenix, is 'a near-future world where technology has divorced mind from body, via virtual reality, organ transplants, cloning, and genetic engineering. Human bodies are cumbersome, defective machines, and the healthy are vulnerable as sources of spare parts -- often harvested by force, manufactured through cloning, and sold on the black market. New, drug-resistant viruses are a constant threat. As these themes accrue over the course of the series, they imply a rich, overarching vision of a biomechanical nightmare future.'

Each episode is narrated by a nightclub owner called Raven.

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I think one of the most difficult things in the world to do would be to find an animation fan who is indifferent to Ralph Bakshi. Even people who love...
Created by: Teletoon, HBO
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Michelle Phillips ... Raven
Ralph Bakshi ... Connelly, Stevie, Goldblum
Series Created by: Ralph Bakshi
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi
Produced by: Catherine Winder
Executive Producers: Ralph Bakshi
Writing Credits: Preston Bakshi

animated series Spicy City © Teletoon / HBORalph Bakshi's first television series in 15 years, and thus far his most recent animation of any sort.

Preston Bakshi, Ralph's son, wrote one episode (and if I recall) helped direct some.

HBO greenlighted a second season, but when they wanted to bring in their own writers, Bakshi quit.

A character in on episode is named Skankmeyer, clearly after Czech animator Jan Svankmajer (this follows from a tradition in 'Wizards' where Weehawk utters an excalamation ("morrowcrinklefrazetta") which consists of the names of three underground artists compressed into a single word)

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