animated series Spawn © Madhouse Productions / Dr. Movie / HBO / Ko-Ko Entertainment
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After his murder, CIA operative Al Simmons makes a deal with the devil Malebolgia. Five years later, Al is brought is brought back to life as Spawn, a powerful agent of Hell. As he struggles to remember his past life, he finds himself drawn to his former wife Wanda and becomes entangled with the local Mafia. Taking refuge in an alley, Spawn battles the forces of evil outside encouraged by a mysterious, twisted Clown as well as the evil within himself. Given an ominous warning by the sage Cogliostro, Spawn must learn the rules of the game and choose a side; before the final war between Heaven and Hell begins.

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Personally I am into theology, the study of gods and religious mythologies interests me, as it is perhaps the hardest of things to bring reason into at times (logy coming...
Created by: Madhouse Productions, Dr. Movie, HBO, Ko-Ko Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Todd McFarlane's Spawn
Featuring the voices of:
Keith David ... Spawn / Al Simmons
Richard A. Dysart ... Cogliostro
Michael Nicolosi ... Clown
Dominique Jennings ... Wanda Blake
Victor Love ... Terry Fitzgerald, Bobby
Kath Soucie ... Cyan
James Keane ... Tony Twist, Sam Burke
Michael McShane ... Twitch Williams, Gareb, Cain
John Rafter Lee ... Jason Wynn
Denise Poirier ... Merrick, Angela
Ronny Cox ... Senator Scott McMillan, Billy Kincaid
Ming-Na ... Jade, Lisa Wu
Ruben Santiago-Hudson ... Jess Chapel
Robert Forster ... Major Forsberg
James Hong ... Zhang Lao, Gen Soon
Jennifer Jason Leigh ... Lilly
Debbi Morgan ... Granny Blake
Eric Roberts ... Petey
Kurtwood Smith ... Robert Sullivan
James Hanes ... Violator, Overkill
Series Created by: Todd McFarlane
Directed by: Frank Paur, Eric Radomski, John Hays, Thomas A. Nelson, Chuck Patton, Brad Rader, Mike Vosburg and Jennifer Yuh
Produced by: Catherine Winder and Randall White
Executive Producers: Todd McFarlane
Musical Score by: Shirley Walker and J. Peter Robinson
Writing Credits: Rebekah Bradford and John Leekley
Based on: Characters created by Todd McFarlane
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