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South Park

South Park centers on the adventures of four small-town Colorado 3rd-graders (now 4th-graders): Cartman, a spoiled, obese, cruel, vile, frighteningly authentic and instantly popular character; Kyle, a Jewish boy, the most philosophical and troubled of the group; Kenny, a poor kid with white-trash parents who inevitably dies during every episode of the early seasons. His utterances are rendered inaudible by his orange jumpsuit, and Stan - the closest to a 'normal' eight year old you're likely to find in the show. Over the years the ensemble of supporting characters has become immense, ranging from Jesus Christ to a talking, genetically engineered towel. Kenny was replaced for some time by 'Butters', who could actually speak intelligibly. Constantly satirising current social issues, pushing the boundaries of bad taste, and deliberately animated to appear as low-budget as possible, South Park's enormous popularity has made it TV's most successful cartoon since The Simpsons.

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South Park is probably an overated ,and simultaneously, an underrated show. Its overrated because its rather dumb and immature comedy, its funny, but it isn't as good as it has...
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I can't get myself to comment on the crass nature of this show, so the harshest thing I could possibly say is that I don't find it to be all...
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UPDATE: 2014. This shows has bounced around in my rankings. I rarely watch it these days, and find it pretty old when I do. Much of what I said...
Created by: Comedy Central
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Trey Parker ... Stan, Cartman, Mr Garrison, Mr Mackey, Officer Barbrady, others
Matt Stone ... Kyle, Kenny, Butters, Jimbo, Jesus, others
Mary Kay Bergman ... All female voices (1997-1999)
Eliza Schneider ... Most female voices (2000-)
Isaac Hayes ... 'Chef'
Jesse Howell ... Ike Broslofski (1997-1999)
Mona Marshall ... Sheila Broslofski/Wendy Testaberger (2000-)
Series Created by: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Directed by: Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Eric Stough
Produced by: Frank C. Agnone II, Anne Garefino and David Niles White
Executive Producers: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Musical Score by: Adam Berry
Theme Music by: Les Claypool
Writing Credits: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, David M. Goodman, Kyle McCulloch, Nancy Pimental, Erica Rivinoja, John Frank Rosenblum, Dan Sterling and Tim Talbott
Animated by: Ryan Quincy
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