animated series Sonic the Hedgehog © DIC Entertainment
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Sonic the Hedgehog

Mobius lies in ruins, controlled by the maniacal Dr. Robotnik, who has turned the population into robots to do his bidding. Only a handful of freedom fighters remain, hidden in the forests and led by the courageous Princess Sally. Their most powerful defense, the super speed blue Hedgehog named Sonic, the only one who can use the mystical Power Rings.

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I like this show, even though it is a bit overrated compared to other adaptions of SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise, but still good depending on how you...
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I absolutely love this Sonic show way better then the other Sonic shows and it's got such characters to love. I like Tails Sonic's little fox-buddy, Bunnie...
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This is in my opinion, and many other people as well, the best Sonic series up to the date. It is far superior to "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog",...
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rated it:
This was a great cartoon growing up. The story was a nice blend of humor and action, with a focus on actually developing characters. I mean, this made...
Created by: DIC Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Sonic SatAM
Featuring the voices of:
Jaleel White ... Sonic the Hedgehog
Kath Soucie ... Princess Sally Acorn, Nicole
Bradley Pierce ... Tails
Jim Cummings ... Dr. Robotnik
Rob Paulsen ... Antoine D'Coolette
Charles Adler ... Snively
Christine Cavanaugh ... Bunnie Rabbot
Mark Ballous ... Rotor (1993-1994)
Cam Brainard ... Rotor (1994-1995)
William Windom ... Sir Charles ‘Chuck’ Hedgehog
Cree Summer ... Dulcy the Dragon
Directed by: Dick Sebast and John Grusd
Produced by: John Grusd
Executive Producers: Robby London and Andy Heyward
Musical Score by: Michael Tavera
Writing Credits: Randy Rogel, Janis Diamond, Phil Harnage, Pat Allee, Ben Hurst, Jules Dennis, Len Janson, Barbara Slade, David Villaire and John Zuker
Based on: Characters created by Juji Naka, Sonic Team and Archie Comics.

animated series Sonic the Hedgehog © DIC EntertainmentSeason two ends on a cliffhander and there was a third season planned to air after the last episode. The show, however, unable to compete with airtime rival Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, was cancelled and the episodes for season three were un-filmed.

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