animated series Sonic Underground © DIC Entertainment / Les Studios Tex / TF1
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Sonic Underground

Queen Aleena of the planet Mobius is forced to send her baby triplets Sonic, Manic and Sonia into hiding when the villainous Dr. Robotnik takes over her world. Over the years Sonic and his siblings grow up and form a band, with the aim of overthrowing Robotnik using their high-powered musical instruments.

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rated it:
The show could have done better, though. First, it lacks Tails since he doesn't appear anywhere in the Sonic Underground episodes, which is a shame since Tails is my favorite...
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rated it:
Oh man, I grew up on Sonic the Hedgehog, though it was mainly on the games and the SatAM series with all of its epic awesomeness... ...and then there was a...
Created by: DIC Entertainment, Les Studios Tex, TF1
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Canada / France
Featuring the voices of:
Jaleel White ... Sonic, Sonia, Manic
Maurice LaMarche ... Sleet
Gary Chalk ... Dr. Robotnik
Gail Webster ... Queen Aleena
Peter Wilds ... Dingo
Directed by: Marc Boreal, Francois Hemmen and Daniel Sarriet
Executive Producers: Robby London, Michael Maliani and Andy Heyward
Based on: The Sonic the Hedgehog video game series
profile by: Neil