animated movie Shrek the Third © Dreamworks / PDI
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Shrek the Third

"When Shrek 3 opens, Shrek and Fiona are having to take on the duties of being the active king and queen of Far, Far Away. When we left him, the King was quite literally croaking. They're not very comfortable in these roles, so the King says to them, 'If you can find the heir to the throne and bring him back, the Kingdom will be in good hands, then you can return to swamp and live your lives.' Which is what they want to do. Shrek, Donkey and Puss go to the far side of the Kingdom of Far, Far Away where young 'Artie', who is the nephew of Queen Lilian, is about to graduate school. Artie turns out to be young King Arthur and Shrek and Donkey and Puss have to convince this extremely rebellious young man, who's being voiced by Justin Timberlake, to come back and assume the throne. Along the way, Shrek invents the Round Table, chivalry. Donkey is the Lady in the Lake with the sword. You get it. Meanwhile, back at the Kingdom of Far, Far Away, Prince Charming decides that it's time for a coup d'etat. 'The cat's away. He will play.' So Fiona organizes all of the princesses into the underground Resistance movement, who are trying to hold things together until Shrek, Donkey, Puss and young King Arthur return." -- from Coming

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rated it:
Here we come to the next chapter of Shrek. I went to see "the Third" with my dad, and we love it; and it was the first...
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rated it:
I was really hoping for an awesome movie, since the first Shrek was great. The second one was pretty good though didn't quite have what the first did, but...
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I'm a fan of the Shrek series. I didn't gripe when I heard they were planning seventy-five more. And I enjoyed watching this, though with a feeling of...
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I think I liked Shrek better when no one liked him. At the beginning of Shrek the Third, the not so jolly green ogre assumes the crown of far far...
Created by: Dreamworks, PDI
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Mike Myers ... Shrek
Eddie Murphy ... Donkey
Cameron Diaz ... Fiona
Tony Teulan ... Rumplestiltskin
Justin Timberlake ... King Arthur
Directed by: Chris Miller
Produced by: Aron Warner
Executive Producers: Andrew Adamson and John H. Williams
Musical Score by: Harry Gregson-Williams
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