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She-Ra: Princess of Power

The twin-sister of Adam of Eternia, (aka He-Man), Adora was whisked off by the evil Hordak and his Horde to Etheria when she was a baby. Raised by the Horde and kept under a spell most of her life, Adora was forced to work for the side of evil until He-Man rescued her by giving her the destined Sword of Protection. With it and the powerful words--"By the Honour of Grayskull"--Adora transforms into She-Ra. Once free of her own enslavement by the Horde, She-Ra vows that she will help the Great Rebellion to drive the forces of evil off Etheria once and for all.

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It has been a long, LONG time since I've seen an episode of She-Ra but, to this day, the strongest feeling I have associated with the series is disappointment. I was...
Created by: Filmation, Mattel
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Melendy Britt ... She-Ra/Princess Adora, Madame Razz, Frosta
George DiCenzo ... Hordak, Bow, Sea Hawk
John Erwin ... Broom, He-Man
Linda Gary ... Glimmer, Shadow Weaver, Catra, Castaspella, Sweet Bee
Alan Oppenheimer ... Grizzlor, Modulok, Skeletor, Beast Man
Diane Pershing ... Netossa (1987-1988)
Erika Scheimer ... Queen Angella, Frosta, Imp
Lou Scheimer ... Spirit/Swift Wind, Kowl, Light Hope, Mantenna, Leech, Horde Trooper, Loo-Kee
Produced by: Norm Prescott
Executive Producers: Lou Scheimer and Shuki Levy
Musical Score by: Haim Saban and Erika Lane
Writing Credits: Lawrence G. DiTillio, J. Michael Straczynski, Phil Harnage, J. Larry Carroll, Kathryn M. Drennan, Steven J. Fisher, Bob Forward and Michael Chase Walker
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Season 1, vol.1
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