animated movie Shark Tale © Dreamworks / PDI
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Shark Tale

Oscar is a loser--or at least, he thinks he is. Sure he has a job as a tongue-scrubber at the local whale wash, he has the affection of Angie and the respect of the locals that live at the bottom of the reef... but he isn't a "somebody". Only with fame, fortune and a penthouse in the top of the reef does Oscar believe he can be somebody.

After another of Oscar's get-rich-quick schemes goes sour and it looks like he's going to end up permanently deep-sixed, Oscar takes credit for killing a shark, Frankie, in a play to save his own skin. Before Oscar knows it he has fame, fortune and the respect of the whole reef. He is the Sharkslayer and everyone loves him. Well, everyone that is except the local shark mob-boss who wants revenge on the Sharkslayer for the death of his son, Frankie...

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rated it:
Shark Tale was the funniest DreamWorks movie and it has some good voice casting and morals about telling the truth and being different. It looks quite similar to Finding Nemo/Dory...
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rated it:
This CGI movie from Dreamworks Animation tells the story about Oscar, a fish who is tired of being called a "nobody", dreams of something big. One day, when he gets...
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rated it:
Well. . . I wouldn't call this the worst animated movie I've ever seen, but some of the themes and jokes in this movie you have to scratch your head...
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rated it:
A movie that was being sell for kids, but with a history aimed to adult audiences. And it won't fully please neither of the groups. The most Holywoodish animation ever:...
Created by: Dreamworks, PDI
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Will Smith ... Oscar
Angelina Jolie ... Lola
Renée Zellweger ... Angie
Robert de Niro ... Don Lino
Jack Black ... Lenny
Martin Scorsese ... Sykes
Ziggy Marley ... Ernie
Doug E Doug ... Bernie
Michael Imperioli ... Frankie
Vincent Pastore ... Luca
Peter Falk ... Don Brizzi
Katie Couric ... Katie Current
David Soren ... Shrimp, Worm
David P. Smith ... Crazy Joe
Directed by: Eric Bergeron, Vicky Jenson and Rob Letterman
Produced by: Bill Damaschke, Janet Healy and Allison Lyon Segan
Executive Producers: Jeffrey Katzenberg
Musical Score by: Hans Zimmer
Writing Credits: Michael J. Wilson, Rob Letterman, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift
Art Directors: Seth Engstrom

· Formerly titled as "Sharkslayer".

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