animated cartoon Scrappy Birthday © Walter Lantz Productions
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Scrappy Birthday

It is Miranda Panda’s Birthday, but Andy’s unoriginal gifts of chocolates and flowers is unwanted, she tells him that she wants a fur coat; something which Andy can’t afford. Feeling dejected, Andy is sold a hunting dog by a spying salesman and goes hunting for a fox, but finds the fox is not easy prey.

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Andy Panda was one of those clean canvas characters like Disney’s Mickey, or Warner’s Porky. This generally meant that you could put him around any sort of story you’d like,...
Created by: Walter Lantz Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Walter Tetley ... Andy Panda
Grace Stafford ... Miranda Panda
Directed by: Dick Lundy
Produced by: Walter Lantz
Musical Score by: Darrell Calker
Writing Credits: Heck Allen and Ben Hardaway
Animated by: Laverne Harding and Lester Kline

Andy Panda’s last theatrical appearance.

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