short film Santa Vs the Snowman 3D © DNA Productions / O Entertainment
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Santa Vs the Snowman 3D

A lonely snowman discovers Santa's workshop, picks up a flute, and is rousted by Santa's diligent Elf security guards. Soon the misunderstanding escalates to hideous proportions as an army of minion snowmen in snow walkers square off in battle against elves on rocket-powered reindeer wielding hot cocoa squirt guns.

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an Christmas film fun and frolic for the entire family! cool! wow! good! a movie of the 3d animation! great! very good! whoa! wow! whee! cool! wow! good! very good....
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Santa Vs the Snowman is full of wild action and bizarre humor. The verbal humor seems to be geared mainly to adults...for example, while Santa checks his naughty/nice list...
Created by: DNA Productions, O Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Santa vs the Snowman
Featuring the voices of:
Jonathan Winters ... Santa
Ben Stein ... Spunky the elf
Victoria Jackson ... Communications Elf
Don LaFontaine ... Narrator
Mark DeCarlo ... Flippy/Security Elf 1
David Floyd ... Security Elf 2
Steve Oedekerk ... Girl
Keith Alcorn ... Soldier elf
Directed by: John A. Davis
Produced by: John A. Davis and Keith Alcorn
Executive Producers: Steve Oedekerk
Musical Score by: Harvey Cohen
Writing Credits: Steve Oedekerk and John A. Davis

short film Santa Vs the Snowman 3D © DNA Productions / O EntertainmentFirst appeared in IMAX theaters.

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profile by: Inkwolf