animated series Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat © CinéGroupe
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Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat

Sagwa is a siamese kitten living in ancient China with her older brother and her younger sister. They live comfortably within the palace walls but study to be like their parents, who are scribes who use their tails to pen the laws made by the jovial Foolish Magistrate. In between lessons, Sagwa and her siblings learn life lessons of their own.

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rated it:
You all know what Sagwa means, don't you? In Mandarin Chinese, it means literally "stupid melon head". Sheegwa means "watermelon," and "Dongwa" means winter melon. The name for this show,...
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rated it:
As a cat-lover, I love this show. It's so cute with beautiful colors in the backgrounds, interesting characters, and great short stories that teach valuable lessons in...
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An easy match for PBS Kids' favorite, Arthur. Normally cartoons tailored just for young kids are not my thing, and some are frightfully dull and sugarcoated. But Sagwa is a...
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Hmm, Sagwa. I remember watching this show on PBS and really enjoying it! Even my mother watches it too! The characters (which are mostly cats, dogs, mice, and other animals, not...
Created by: CinéGroupe
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Holly Gauthier-Frankel ... Sagwa
Rick Jones ... Fu-Fu
Oliver Grainger ... Dongwa
Jesse Vinet ... Sheegwa
Arthur Holden ... Baba Miao
Ellen David ... Mama Miao
Neil Shee ... Yeh-yeh
Sonja Ball ... Nai-nai
Hiro Kanagawa ... Magistrate
Khaira Ledeyo ... Tai-tai
Kathy Tsoi ... Ba-do
Leanne Adachi ... Luk-do
Rosa Yee ... Huang-do
Raugi Yu ... Cook
Russell Yuen ... Reader
Series Created by: Amy Tan
Writing Credits: George Daugherty, Bruce Robb and Amy Tan
Based on: "Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat" by Amy Tan
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