animated cartoon Runaway Brain © Disney
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Runaway Brain

After forgetting about the anniversary of his very first date with Minnie, Mickey tries to bluff his way out. However his improvised plan of going to crazy golf is misinterpreted as an eighteen-day vacation in Hawaii. Unable to afford the expense, Mickey turns to the want-ads, where he finds an ad offering the exact amount he needs for a “mindless days work.”

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Mickey is probably not my favourite character in Disney's stable of classics. He's just such a 'nice guy' that it makes him a little bland as a character. On the...
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Mickey hadn’t been in theatres for a while and hadn’t been in a solo outing for decades (okay Minnie and Pluto both appear but you get my point). His last...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Wayne Allwine ... Mickey Mouse
Jim Cummings ... Julius (The Monster)
Bill Farmer ... Pluto
Kelsey Grammer ... Dr. Frankenollie
Russi Taylor ... Minnie Mouse
Directed by: Chris Bailey
Produced by: Roger Tippe
Executive Producers: Allison Coats
Musical Score by: John Debney
Writing Credits: Tim Hauser

animated cartoon Runaway Brain © DisneyDr Frankenollie’s name is a two part joke, the first is an obviously reference toward Frankenstein, the second is a reference to Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, two legendary Disney animators.

Before Mickey knocks on the doctor's door he whistles the tune he whistled at the start of Steamboat Willie.

Zazu from the Lion King can be seen for a few frames in two scenes. Firstly when the trapdoor sucks Mickey down into the depths and secondly, coming out of the monster's mouth when he roars at Mickey.

This short was originally released with “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court in the USA and “A Goofy Movie” Internationally; later it was re-released in America with “George of the Jungle.”

Due to the dark nature of the short's plot and the implications it could have on Mickey’s reputation; Disney pulled it out of general circulation in the USA. Eventually it was released onto DVD in US territories as part of the limited released: Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Living Color, Volume 2.

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Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse in Living Color, Vol.2
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