animated movie Rover Dangerfield © Hyperion Pictures / Warner Bros.
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Rover Dangerfield

Rover is living the high life in Las Vegas--he's got the gambling, he's got the girls and he's got the love of his beautiful owner Connie. This all goes out the window when he blows a deal for Connie's sleezy boyfriend, Rocky. Rocky ditches Rover out in the country and where Rover must learn a whole new set of tricks as a farm dog.

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This is a weird one, and I think perhaps that's because it's a product of its time. In 1991 the animation revolution was well and truly underway, and it was...
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Rover Dangerfield is, indeed, heavy on the Dangerfield humor, but if you forget that it's a vehicle for a particular comedian and just enjoy Rover as a character, it's not...
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Why they didn't just title this film as "Rodney Dangerfield as Animated Dog" is beyond me... this movie is one very long, very painful Rodney Dangerfield comedy sketch. Rover has...
Created by: Hyperion Pictures, Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Rodney Dangerfield ... Rover Dangerfield
Ronnie Schell ... Eddie
Shawn Southwick ... Connie
Sal Landi ... Rocky
Susan Boyd ... Daisy
Ned Luke ... Raffles
Robert Pine ... Duke
Dennis Blair ... Lem
Don Stuart ... Clem
Gregg Berger ... Cal
Dana Hill ... Danny
Tress MacNeille ... Turkey, Hen
Directed by: Jim George and Bob Seeley
Musical Score by: David Newman
Songs by: Rodney Dangerfield and Billy Tragresser
Writing Credits: Rodney Dangerfield, Harold Ramis and Jeff Schimmel
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