animated series Road Rovers © Warner Bros.
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Road Rovers

In its premise, sort of a canine cross between X-Men and Thunderbirds. The Road Rovers are the ordinary pets of various world leaders (Hunter was adopted by the US President, Colleen is the British Prime Minister's Collie, other characters live with the leaders of Russia, Germany and Switzerland(?!) When humanity or animals are threatened they are summoned by ultra-sonic signal by 'The Master', and step into the 'Transdogmafier' whereupon they are transformed into anthropomorphic characters with various super-powers, and an arsenal of super-vehicles and weapons at their disposal, ready to charge off and confront evil.

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Damn this cartoon was flipping awesome, too bad it only lasted one season and 13 episodes, shame cos it was kinda like the Warner Bros version of Biker Mice from...
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They donít make cartoons like this anymore, and thatís just a shame. Road Rovers is something that should be returned to TV; heck, itís something that should have gone on...
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I loved this show as a kid! I hope that one day Warner Bros. will release it on DVD. It reminded me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meets X-Men. I think...
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I used to love watching this show! I kind of wish they had kept making episodes because it was a really great show. The characters were interesting and...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jess Harnell ... Hunter
Tress MacNeille ... Colleen
Jeff Bennett ... Blitz
Kevin Michael Richardson ... Exile, Confuseus
Frank Welker ... Shag, Muzzle
Joseph Campanella ... The Master
Jim Cummings ... General Parvo
Sheena Easton ... Groomer, Persia
David Doyle ... Professor Hubert
Ed Gilbert ... Judge Fore
Larry Drake ... Captain Zachary Storm
George Dzundza ... Gustav Hovac
Steve Franken ... Professor Eugene Atwater
Stephen Furst ... Sport
Brian George ... Lieutenant Skeam
Phil Hayes ... Sergeant Curse
Elizabeth Lamers ... Olivia Peru
Michael McKean ... Dr. Jeffrey Otitus
Kaylan Romero ... Luka
Series Created by: Tom Ruegger and Jeff Gordon
Produced by: Bob Doucette
Executive Producers: Tom Ruegger
Musical Score by: Gordon L. Goodwin
Theme Music by: Richard Stone
Writing Credits: Earl Kress, Nick Dubois, Tom Ruegger, Mark Seidenberg, John Ludin, Brian Chin and Jeff Kwitny

animated series Road Rovers © Warner Bros.Rather oddly, despite apparently very good ratings, Warner cancelled Road Rovers after just one season. There were rumours of a live action version, and of Cartoon Channel picking up the original, but nothing came of either.

For conspiracy nuts: in episode three, Princess Diana and Prince Charles are shown finalising their divorce proceedings when they are attacked by werewolves. On August 30th 1997, WB announces that it will rerun the series final episode 'A Day in the Life', and that it will feature all-new footage. The day after this announcement, Diana dies in a car crash. When the episode screens 6 days later (the day of Diana's funeral), the promised new footage is missing and has never been seen. Diana and Charles disappeared from re-runs of the episode (including this frame) - and of course the episode title is a reference to The Beatles 'A Day in the Life', the first verse of which is about a fatal car accident. Why wasn't Fox Mulder all over this?

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